A COMMUNITY leader has warned that careless drivers churning up grass verges are a problem across Darlington.

Councillor Ian Haszeldine, a former mayor of Darlington, blasted the "disgusting anti-social behavior" of some drivers.

He was responding to an article in The Northern Echo on Monday (January 14), in which a householder who lives near the Education Village bemoaned the problems caused by parents blocking drives and damaging verges.

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Coun Haszeldine said: “We have been dealing with issues outside Heathfield School for some considerable time – the damage has been horrendous.

“I’ve had reports of similar problems in Davison Road and Geneva Road, where verges have been absolutely destroyed.

“Some people seem to think it is great fun to drag up the grass verges.”

He said Darlington Borough Council had been able to mitigate the problem in some areas by replacing grass verges with hardstanding.

He added: “But there is still no need for mindless damage to our grassed areas.”