A PROPERTY company, which claimed it was the victim of rogue tenant who opened raunchy a sports bar, was stripped of its premises licence today (Tuesday, January 15) following a “horrific” catalogue of law-breaking.

In what police described as one of the worst cases they have had to deal with, Boxers in Crossgate, Durham City, became the scene of mass fighting, drug taking, sexual misbehaviour and underage drinking.

In one instance a 17-year-old girl fell asleep drunk on the toilet was locked in overnight.

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And the bar sold alcohol three times to a 15-year-old girl working with police on a sting operation.

The Worcestershire-based Pemberstone Partnership said it was “shocked and appalled” by what had happened at Boxers and argued it should not be penalised for the actions of a rogue tenant.

But Durham County Council’s licensing sub-committee chairman Councillor Carr Colin Carr said, the company bore ultimate responsibility for the licence and he revoked it.

Addressing the meeting, Durham Police solicitor Stephen Mooney said: “Boxers was described as a sports bar, but in reality was a high-volume vertical drinking establishment where scantily clad females served customers.”

He said, soon after opening in the summer, complaints flooded in from neighbouring residents about noise, people drinking in the street and fighting.

The meeting was shown CCTV footage of men sitting in the bar snorting what was suspected to be cocaine, before becoming involved in a fight with door staff in the street.

Further footage showed a woman girl simulating sex with men on a pool table, while the cameras also captured an unprovoked attack on a transgender male. And a doorman could be seen throwing a bottle at a man he had ejected.

The brains behind the bar was Joel Bond, who converted 3,000 sq ft Japanese bar with a £100,000 makeover.

David Clark, representing Pemberstone Partnership said: “The company received no rental income and feel they are being penalised for the activities of a rogue tenant.”

Boxers closed in November after action was taken by the firm for non-payment of rent.

Mr Bond was not available for comment.