A COMPANY offering free insulation in the North-East is seeking to reassure people that its workers are not bogus callers.

Red Roof Energy, which is based in Newcastle, is currently operating in the Consett area of County Durham, on stone built properties.

Director David Murray said the work, worth about £900, could be carried out free due to a Government-backed scheme.

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The Energy Company Obligation is designed to reduce energy consumption and support those living in fuel poverty and makes funds available from fuel firms.

But because homeowners have been told their houses are not suitable, and fear hidden costs, or catches, they are suspicious.

Mr Murray said: “Grants are available for cavity wall and loft insulation.

“Historically, stone built properties have not been able to be done, but there is new technology available which means they can.

“People are turning our guys away saying they know categorically that they can’t be done but that is no longer the case.”

The new technology involves pumping foam between the walls that hardens once it has settled.

Mr Murray said: “Some people think it may be some sort of scam, or that nothing is free.

“It is just a case getting them to know about what we are doing as a result of the ECO funding.”

To find out more about the scheme contact Red Roof Energy on 0191-265-1754 or log on to www.redroofenergy.co.uk