ANGRY residents living in pothole-ridden streets have vowed to stop motorists using them unless the county council agrees to improve and adopt them.

Stretches of Northumberland Avenue, Byron Avenue and Milton Avenue, in Bishop Auckland – which total about 150metres – are not maintained by Durham County Council.

However, other parts of the same streets and all the roads around them in the residential area are looked after and are in a good state of repair.

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Residents said the roads are barely useable due to the potholes but yet they say they are made worse by dozens of drivers using them every day to avoid town centre traffic.

Steven Harrison, of Byron Avenue, said residents have patched it (his street) up over the years but have been quoted £200,000 to repair it to council standards.

“Something needs to be done but it is a lot of money between about six houses,” he said. “We would never get that money back in the house value.

“We have filled the holes in over the years but as soon we do it gets used even more and it does not last. We don’t know why these parts were not adopted at the same time as the others.

“We have been told by the council it is a private road so if nothing is done we will just block it off.”

Jacqui Alderson, of Northumberland Avenue, added: “It is just so frustrating. In winter the holes fill with water and in summer it is like living in a dust storm.

“We are supposed to be living in the 21st century. If it was a quiet road then fair enough but it isn’t.”

Adrian White, head of transport at Durham County Council, said: “Durham County Council is responsible for maintaining and repairing most public highways but not when the road is privately owned.

“However, even though it is privately owned, it is likely that this road will have highway rights and therefore it should not be obstructed or blocked off.

“We understand this is frustrating and if the residents living on these streets would like to discuss the matter with myself and the relevant officers, we will be more than happy to set up a meeting.”