A TROLLEY dash was held recently to raise money for a Whitby resident who lost her home of 26 years in a landslip.

Jude Knight’s home had to be demolished when properties on Aelfleda Terrace were left dangling over a 30ft drop when torrential rain caused a mud slide.

The home owner was given a matter of minutes to collect what belongings she could before contracters moved in to begin the precarious task of demoliting the buildings.

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On Sunday morning, the Co-operative supermarket in the town held its annual trolley dash, with this year was won by Geoff McInerny. Mr McInerny chose to donate the prize to Ms Knight.

As she was unable to complete the dash herself, due to health problems, Whitby fire brigade’s John Staniforth sprinted around the store on her behalf. The fireman grabbed items worth about £275 for Ms Knight, including household items such as pots and pans, which she had lost.

Ms Knight thanked Mr McInerny, Mr Staniforth and the Co-op for their generosity.