A WOMAN who found two stray dogs at the weekend is appealing for someone to give them a home, if their owners cannot be found.

Jan Johnson, of Hazelmere, Spennymoor, found male and female black Labradors in the town's Shaftoe Woods at 5pm on Sunday (January 6).

Mrs Johnson, 50, who has four Schnauzer dogs, took them to the Stray Aid Rescue Centre, in Coxhoe, where staff treated an abscess on the male dog’s leg.

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Mrs Johnson said: “I was told about the dogs and I got a torch and my wellies and then three of us went to look for them.

“We’d just about given up on finding them as it was so dark but then we found the dogs and it didn’t look like there was anyone with them.

“The female dog was exhausted and I had to carry her as she could barely walk. The male dog has a massive growth on its leg.

“I think they’ve been abandoned as they had no collars and no-one was about and I just can’t believe someone could do this.

“I’d like to find them a home just so they can see their days out in comfort.”

The two dogs are thought to be about 11-years old and they will be looked after at the rescue centre for the next few days.

Staff at the centre have not ruled out the theory that the dogs may simply be lost and are waiting to see if their owner comes forward.

John Bielby, centre manager at Stray Aid, said: “They are very friendly. Both dogs have health problems and our vet has been able to make them comfortable.

“We will hold them for ten days before we decide what to do with the dogs. We are waiting and hoping that the owners will come forward and claim them.”

Details on the dogs can be found on-line at Stray Aid’s website at www.strayaid.co.uk.