ALMOST 100 drink-drive arrests have been made in the last 27 days in a county-wide Christmas crackdown across North Yorkshire.

Since the campaign began on December 1 officers have conducted 3,204 breath tests in the county – and have pledged to continue their blitz.

Although 99 motorists have so far been arrested on suspicion of getting behind the wheel while under the influence, there have been no fatalities or serious injuries as a result of drink or drug driving since the beginning of the operation.

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However a 31-year-old man was picked up on suspicion of driving while over the limit after clipping a pedestrian in Northallerton with his vehicle. He was arrested after the alleged incident on Elder Road, at around 8.30pm on Boxing Day.

Traffic Sergeant Pete Stringer said: “It is concerning that we have made so many arrests since December 1 and it appears that some people just aren’t getting the message.

“It is pleasing though, that we are catching people who are prepared to take a risk and getting them off the roads before they can kill or seriously injure someone.”

Police say that despite the high number of arrests the majority of the public are aware of the dangers of drink and drug driving and are responsible about not getting behind the wheel while impaired.

And those people have a big part to play in getting the message across to the minority who are prepared to take a chance.

Sgt Stringer said: “Since the campaign began we have had some very good information from members of the public which has helped us to stop a number of drink and drug drivers.

“I urge the public to keep reporting people suspected of driving while unfit to the police and to encourage their friends and family not to drive if they have a had a drink or taken drugs.”