A BOOKIE is fuming after he was refused entry to a city centre bar because of his Cristiano Ronaldo-style haircut.

Gerry Davin says his V-style hairdo has seen him barred from drinking at both The Bishops’ Mill pub and neighbouring Loveshack nightclub, both in Durham.

A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon, which runs The Bishops’ Mill, confirmed the style had been banned.

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Bob Senior, managing director of Loveshack operators Utopian Leisure, said he was unable to comment on the case.

Mr Davin, who works for William Hill, said: “How can you judge somebody on a haircut?

“I’m not a troublemaker. I’ve never been in trouble in my life. They’re treating me like a thug.”

The 28-year-old, from New Brancepeth, near Durham, was turned away from The Bishops’ Mill while on a night out with girlfriend Nicola Stephenson on Saturday, November 17.

The couple went to the pub for their first drink of the evening but, Mr Davin says, a bouncer told him: “Not tonight mate”.

“I said: ‘Why?’ He said: ‘Because of your haircut. You’ve got a V cut and it’s not in the dress code.

“I said: ‘You’re having a laugh, aren’t you?’ I was wearing a smart shirt, jeans and shoes. He said: ‘It’s management rules’. I wasn’t happy.”

A JD Wetherspoon spokesman said the pub manager, with the full backing of the company, had decided to refuse entry to people with the hairstyle following a number of incidents and customer complaints “in which people with similar hairstyles had caused problems”.

“The situation has now been reviewed, with fewer incidents occurring,” he added.

The Loveshack incident happened on Saturday (December 1), when Mr Davin and two friends tried to enter the club at about 11pm. Again, the bouncer turned him away; blaming his haircut, Mr Davin said.

Mr Davin, who has had a V-style for four years – he says to cover grey hair, wants both operators to change their door policies.

“People with V styles may have started trouble in the past but you can’t make that judgement for somebody else.

“It’s not fair on people who just want to enjoy a quiet drink,” he said.