MANY stroke patients fail to get vital treatment quickly enough because they do not recognize the symptoms.

North-East researchers say some people who are aware they are having a stroke sometimes do not act fast enough.

Previous research shows that people are more likely to recover completely of they have clot-busting drugs within the first few hours.

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A Newcastle University study published in PLOS One says that many patients delay calling the emergency services.

Sometimes it is because they do not recognise the symptoms, but often it can be due to fear and denial, or not wanting to burden others or to ‘make a fuss’ by calling 999.

Lead author of the paper, Martin White, Professor of Public Health at Newcastle University, said: “More needs to be done to raise awareness of stroke symptoms.

"People need to know that you may get some or all of the symptoms, and maybe not in the same order.

“If you suspect yourself or someone else is having a stroke you should call 999 straight away, so life saving treatment can be given.”