A NATIONAL park has spelt out its goals for the next few years in a 120-page report.

Wildlife super highways, new rural jobs and increased food production are all part of the new management plan for the North York Moors.

The document sets out how the North York Moors National Park Authority aims to protect the landscape’s special qualities whilst trying to support extra food production, more visitors, affordable homes and flood prevention.

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It also details how it aims to create super highways for wildlife, which would involve creating patches of land to encourage species such as lizards, water voles and rare Duke of Burgundy butterflies.

Between now and 2017 it also aims to add another 300 hectares of woodland and 150 hectares of wildflower grassland and restore 600 acres of ancient woodland which had been planted with conifers.

The park authority also wants to reduce the number of “at risk” listed buildings and monuments.

It is believed to be the first park management plan of its kind.

Chief executive Andy Wilson said: “The environmental possibilities are very significant.

“We could have more woodland, as long as it is planted in the right places, and many more flower-filled meadows, abuzz with bees.

“We should make the park much more joined up and create wildlife super highways for all kinds of plants and animals including hedgehogs, butterflies, and frogs.”