A WOMAN bit the tip off another club-goer’s finger in a dance floor confrontation.

Bianca Hendry accused the other woman of staring at her, across the floor of The Arena, in Middlesbrough, at 2am on Thursday January 5.

Durham Crown Court heard that both were recognised by staff from previous visits to the Newport Road premises.

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Shaun Dodds, prosecuting, said the assistant manager saw Hendry approach the other woman, saying: “What are you looking at?”

Hendry threw a punch and the other woman fell against a wall, before they began grappling with each other.

Mr Dodds said the victim’s little finger was bitten by Hendry as she tried to push her away.

Staff separated them and Hendry ran off, but was found trying to hide behind a vehicle parked outside the club.

Mr Dodds said the bite severed the tip of the 23-year-old victim’s finger, and, despite the best efforts of surgeons, she will be permanently disfigured.

Hendry, 19, of Avalon Court, Middlesbrough, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The court heard she has a previous conviction for battery, as a 15-year-old for a playground attack on another pupil, plus a public order offence involving the same school girl.

Sean Grainger, mitigating, said the incident was not pre-meditated and the bite was a spur of the moment reaction when the victim’s finger was in Hendry’s face, trying to push her away.

“Both had been drinking although there is no blame attached to the other woman.

“The defendant acknowledges she was under the effects of alcohol and can’t recall the incident.

“She is genuinely remorseful. She’s otherwise hard-working and well thought of, and is devastated at what she’s done.”

Judge Penny Moreland said she was just able to avoid immediate custody as she accepted there was unlikely to be any repeat.

Hendry was given a 12 month sentence in a young offenders’ institution, suspended for a year.

But she will be subject of a three-month 7pm - 6am electronically-monitored home curfew and must pay the victim £1,500 compensation at the rate of £150 per month.