Reality TV star and presenter Vicky Pattison talks to Ruth Addicott about her personal style and why she cannot stand a man in sparkles

How would you describe your style?

“Classic, feminine and fun. I fell into the trap when I was growing up as so many young girls do thinking, right, I’m going to get my legs out, I’m going to get my boobs out, backless, frontless, everything. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learnt what suits my shape rather than just following fashion trends or desperately seeking the wardrobe of Kendall Jenner. I follow trends, but I adapt them to suit my style.”

You haven’t toned it down totally then?

“Not just yet. No twin sets and pearls yet, but that’s not to say I’m not going to embrace it when I come to it. I believe your style should be constantly evolving and you should embrace whatever age and stage you’re at. I’m turning 30 this year, I’m finally in a serious, healthy relationship and I’m starting to dress, how I would describe as almost like a wife, like a girlfriend, I’m in that vibe where I want to look nice and I want to look good for my partner rather than dressing to attract attention from anyone else. It’s a very comfortable stage.”

Do you have a favourite outfit?

“I struggle to wear things twice because there’s always someone taking my picture. Even Instagram - do you know how difficult it is to wear things twice on Instagram?! So smart stuff, I tend not to be able to recycle as much as I’d like. The minute I’ve finished an appearance, I’m straight into my trackies, straight into a gorgeous drop-crotch tracksuit and pair of sliders. Just easy, casual, chilled out. I like comfort, babe. I like Nike and Pink Soda. There’s a brand from the North-East called Little and Large that I love as well.”

What was your last purchase?

“I’m going to a wedding in Newcastle and I’ve just bought a powder blue dress from ASOS, a lovely little number, quite playful, cute and short with heavily embellished flowers.”

Where's your favourite place to go shopping?

“I like Topshop on Oxford Street in London with all the concessions under one roof like House of CB, Kurt Geiger, Office… I’m all for convenience. Failing that, I love ASOS. My boyfriend is from Chester-le-Street, so we go a lot to the MetroCentre. There are some fab shops there. I love a good designer handbag and have a bit of a shoe fetish, but other than that I’m Topshop, River Island, Zara....”

Do you get spotted?

“I tend to go in that trusty tracksuit, babe, with a baseball cap and my sliders on. You’d be surprised how under the radar I can slide.”

Is there one item of clothing you couldn't live without?

“My boobs are a 34 DD and if I don’t wear a good bra, my back hurts, my outfits don’t look right and I whinge. I got fitted at Ann Summers a couple of years ago and know exactly what size and style suits me. I feel I’m not dressed properly without a good bra.”

Where do you shop for jeans and other basics?

“Topshop for jeans. I walk in and buy three pairs in the same colour. I love the high-waisted ones with rips in. When I’m treating myself, I like Stella McCartney jeans. She’s fab. I’ve got two pairs - a high-waisted flared jean and a standard skinny.”

Do you shop online?

“I much prefer to shop online. I have the Topshop app, the New Look app, the ASOS app and the River Island app and that keeps me very happy. I’m frequently on Net-a-Porter and I do like the little odd trip to the Selfridges website.”

Who do you think is the most stylish celeb?

“Every time I see Victoria Beckham, I’m fascinated. I think she looks incredible. At the opposite end of the spectrum, I love the Kardashians. I love how brave they are with their fashion choices and how well they dress for their shape. I definitely find myself emulating their fashion choices on occasion. I’ve got big boobs and a big bum and I take inspiration from them in that sense.”

Have you ever met Victoria Beckham?

“Never. She’s far too high brow for me, unfortunately. She’s LA, she’s Tokyo, she’s Hong Kong and she’s smashing it. I’m Newcastle and Brentwood!”

Instant style turn-off in a man?

“My boyfriend is really fashion forward and experimental. We often shop together in places like Flannels and Cruise in Newcastle. I would never expect him to tell me what to wear and I would never tell him what to wear. But, I will say this, I will not entertain a geezer wearing sparkles. A man wears anything bedazzled, I’m out of the door. Studs or sparkles, I’m completely not for it.”

Do you splash out much on shoes and handbags?

“No, I don’t think you need to spend a fortune. I treat myself to one or two really nice handbags a year. I like YSL, Prada and Celine, but I am aware they come with a pricetag. I think any more than that would be frivolous. At the moment, I’ve got a Mulberry Bayswater. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Shoes - I love Christian Louboutin. I’ve got a black pair of snakeskin style Christian Louboutin Pigalle - they’re my favourite. My boyfriend also bought me a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos for Christmas with a five or six-inch heel.”

Have you ever had an injury tripping over in heels?

“No babe, I’m quite good. What I find as well is when I drink more, I become more confident in them, so no problems as of yet. When I was younger, I did the whole seven-inch platform thing, god knows why, because I really struggled to find a man to keep up with us height-wise.”

Where are you favourite places to go out in the North-East?

“I really like Tiger Hornsby on the Quayside, in Newcastle. Central Oven & Shaker is great for a cocktail and pizza with the girls. The Botanist is also fabulous with great service, gorgeous cocktails and a lovely roof terrace.”

What’s your biggest regret or fashion faux pas?

“I don’t believe in regrets. You can’t be old and wise if you’ve never been young and daft.”

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