LAST week, US president Donald Trump released secret papers relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Everyone remembers where they were that day – although some people remember it other than for the death of the 35th US president.

“The Beatles' second LP was released that day and Geo A Williams shop in Darlington was awash with people collecting their pre-ordered copies,” remembers Doug Embleton.

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“The shop was simply full of cardboard boxes which were full of copies of the LP – half a million copies had been pre-ordered in the UK.”

Later that evening, the Beatles famously played two short sets at the Globe in Stockton.

“I attended the 6.15pm performance and it was only when I arrived back home that I learnt of the JFK assassination,” says Doug.

JFK was shot at 12.30pm Dallas time which was 6.30pm in Stockton. There is some dispute about whether John Lennon was informed before the start of the 8pm show, but there is no dispute about where the Beatles stayed that night: it was the Eden Arms at Rushyford before playing at the City Hall in Newcastle the following night.