HUGE thanks to Alan Ellwood, of Shildon Recall History Society, for sending in this 1911 poster to The Northern Echo, which puts Bishop Auckland, quite rightly, at the centre of the universe.

Ferens’ flour mill is, therefore, at the top of the world – although we think that the apostrophe is in the wrong place!

It is advertising the “snowflake” flour ground at its Gaunless Electric Roller mill. The other adverts are equally brilliant.

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How we would love a glass of Alfred Harburn’s homemade Phosphorised Tonic to renew our brain, nerve and blood.

We’re impressed by the Newgate Street advert from “hatter and hosier” Arthur Speak – what a great shop he was in – but we’re really not sure about dealing with Sam Moore Junior of the Talbot Hotel, a licensed horse slaughterer offering the best prices for “live and dead horses etc”.