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Have we hit the charity limit?

The Northern Echo:

12:12pm Thursday 18th December 2014

CHRISTMAS is a time for giving, but, writes Professor Tony Chapman, charities are facing more difficulties than ever.

Bingo - a changing game

12:03pm Thursday 18th December 2014

GRAHAM SOULT discusses the fall and rise of bingo. Once the preserve of pensioners, it has now adapted to modern technology to not only survive, but thrive.

Marking the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

The Northern Echo: A prostitute talks to a driver in Ipswich's red light area in the early hours of this morning. (14697101)

5:03am Wednesday 17th December 2014

Following a series of murders, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers has been staged on December 17 every year since 2003. Alex Feis-Bryce, North-East academic and founder of the National Ugly Mugs scheme, is calling for more to be done to protect sex workers and fund those looking out for them. Joanna Morris reports.

Put to the test

2:49pm Thursday 18th December 2014

IT’S that time of year when dads of a certain age are expected to drop everything and drive round the country to move their offspring back home from university for Christmas.

All together now - boo, hiss, it's IDS

The Northern Echo: JOBCENTRE VISIT: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith.

12:25pm Thursday 18th December 2014

IT is pantomime season, so it’s time to pick the politician most deserving of your festive boos, hisses and catcalls.

Farewell my delightful feline friend

4:26pm Wednesday 17th December 2014

WE named her Lottie, later sometimes adding Dod (single ‘d’). Occasionally, I could be heard calling the name along a quiet road in our village.

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Ambulance service under pressure

12:10pm Thursday 18th December 2014

THE region’s ambulance chiefs must be praying for mild weather as we head towards what is traditionally the coldest part of the year.

Terrorists hit new depths

4:25pm Wednesday 17th December 2014

WE have come to expect barbaric brutality from the most extreme of Islamist extremists, but yesterday's appalling massacre in Pakistan sinks to unplumbed depths.

Growing up in public

4:52pm Tuesday 16th December 2014

LABOUR appears to be taking the Ukip threat in its heartlands, like the North-East, seriously, and it is easy to see why.

Plebgate problem

The Northern Echo: On his bike: Andrew Mitchell

1:37pm Thursday 18th December 2014

OH dear. Here we go again. What a cosy picture Charlotte Bull paints (HAS, Dec 15), explaining the events outside of the House of Commons involving a Conservative minister and a member of the police force.

Historical view

1:35pm Thursday 18th December 2014

JOHN GILMORE holds left wing views and thinks that by adding that he’s a history teacher, readers will think he’s presenting a balanced view (HAS, Dec 16).

Re-writing history

1:31pm Thursday 18th December 2014

JIM TAGUE attempts to justify his absurd claims that Nazis had close links to socialism by choosing a few despots who under the guise of socialism were responsible for the murder of millions of innocents (HAS, Dec 12).

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Author vows to never leave Yorkshire

The Northern Echo:

6:15pm Wednesday 17th December 2014

Sharon Griffiths talks to author Juliet Barker about research, awards and why she will never leave Yorkshire.

Talking to children about the birds and the bees

The Northern Echo: GROWING UP: Learning the science of sex and puberty

3:26pm Wednesday 3rd December 2014

IT'S not easy to talk to children about the birds and the bees, and some parents are so embarrassed about it, they leave the job to their child's school.

Are worries keeping you awake at night?

The Northern Echo: A Generic Photo of a Couple In Bed With Wife Suffering From Insomnia. See PA Feature WELLBEING Wellbeing Column. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature WELLBEING Wellbeing Col

6:08pm Wednesday 3rd December 2014

MANY of us probably knew this already, but now it's official - women are fretting far more frequently than men. A lot more, in fact.

Why an eye test could save your life

The Northern Echo: A Generic Photo of a Man Undergoing a Visual Field Test. See PA Feature HEALTH Eyes. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature HEALTH Eyes.  (13445637)

5:39pm Friday 5th December 2014

Sight problems aside, eye examinations can detect a range of serious diseases. Time to focus on the facts, says Lisa Salmon

'I feel healthier and happier than ever'

The Northern Echo:

5:43pm Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Denise Welch is the first to admit that life's been a bit of a roller-coaster, but things are finally running at a smooth pace. The former Loose Women presenter reveals how love, LighterLife and speaking up have all helped her face her demons.

What do you know about mouth cancer?

The Northern Echo: A Generic Photo of a man at the dentist. See PA Feature TOPICAL Mouth Cancer. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature TOPICAL Mouth Cancer.  (12803400)

2:42pm Thursday 27th November 2014

It's affecting growing numbers, yet many of us don't know anything about it. To mark Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, let's brush up on the facts.

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Restaurant Review: The Derwent Walk Inn, Consett

The Northern Echo: Eating Out at the Derwent Walk Inn, Ebchester Bank, Consett. Picture: TOM BANKS (14353432)

11:28am Thursday 11th December 2014

Gavin Havery discovers the busy Derwent Walk Inn has glorious views and a roaring fire.

Restaurant Review: The Black Horse, Ingleton

The Northern Echo: Manager James Watson, barmaid Christine Hobson and chef Chris Sowerby at The Black Horse at Ingleton. Pictures: STUART BOULTON

12:55pm Friday 5th December 2014

Chris Lloyd finds Ingleton's honest The Black Horse pub restaurant is well worth an unannounced visit.

Review: New Board Inn, Esh Winning

The Northern Echo: The New Board Inn, Esh Winning.       Picture: ANDY LAMB (11585153)

11:05am Friday 28th November 2014

Mark Tallentire takes baby steps towards joining family dining at The New Board Inn, Esh Winning.

Simple fish pie with two-cheese mash

The Northern Echo:

6:06pm Friday 5th December 2014

It might be known as a ‘naughty’ treat, but cheese is far too delicious to avoid – especially at Christmas. 

Vintage cauliflower mac cheese

The Northern Echo:

6:03pm Friday 5th December 2014

It might be known as a ‘naughty’ treat, but cheese is far too delicious to avoid – especially at Christmas.

Boiled bacon and pork sausage

The Northern Echo:

5:59pm Friday 5th December 2014

Boiled bacon and pork sausage If you’re the type that really needs the names of your dishes to appear exotic, comprising superlatives with vivid descriptions, rather than something straight and honest where you depend on quality of the ingredients, then this dish may not be for you, and you may not choose it from our menu.

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Centenary of the East Coast Bombardment

The Northern Echo: HISTORIC SPOT: Monument marks where the first soldier fell in Hartlepool

7:40pm Saturday 13th December 2014

THE Heugh at Hartlepool juts out defiantly into the biting wind whipping off the North Sea. Today, looking south to Saltburn through the white-capped waves there is nothing more threatening that a flotilla of turbines on the water and a squadron of seagulls trying to land in the crosswind on the green beside the lighthouse.

Lights, lions and dart-spitters

7:27pm Saturday 13th December 2014

AS Christmas approaches, our town centres become a sea of seasonal lights. Some, in snowy white and icy blue, create a frosty feel; others are green and fiery red and create a warm glow. Some move so that they look like a falling snowflake, a ringing church bell, or a chortling Santa. Some are strung high above the streets and spell out a message: “Welcome to...”

Ambulances, buses and bust-ups in south west Durham

6:14pm Tuesday 9th December 2014

ANGRY public meetings are being held in south Durham to discuss the future of the dales ambulance service, but Maurice Blackett in Bishop Auckland is one of the last ambulancemen who remembers the days when his nick of the woods was ringed with ambulance depots.

Electric Outlander shocks rivals

The Northern Echo:

12:08am Thursday 4th December 2014

MITSUBISHI believes it's a game-changing SUV, but does the part electric Outlander spark our interest?

Toyota Aygo - city slicker

The Northern Echo:

11:50am Thursday 13th November 2014

SMALL city cars are supposed to be cheeky. They're the Artful Dodgers of the motoring world.

Kia sizes up the opposition

The Northern Echo:

5:17pm Tuesday 4th November 2014

KIA is nothing if not bold and with the Optima it takes on some pretty major opposition head on in the competitive family saloon market.

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