HALLOWEEN was last week, but Kathy is still about to encounter a ghost from her past - James Willmott-Brown (EastEnders, BBC1). The encounter understandably leaves her feeling rattled and she eventually confides what happened in Ian, who turns to Phil for help...

That's not the only shock in store for Ian this week as he tells Abi that he hopes Beale's will stay in the family for generations to come, prompting her to admit she's carrying her own little potential heir to his fried-food fortune.

Tina is struggling with her guilt over Janet, so when she discovers that Honey has kicked Billy out, she offers him a bed - hers. Following their night of 'passion', Tina comes clean to him about running over Janet and decides to repeat her confession to the police, only for Shirley to deliver an ultimatum...

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Sharon has doubts about Michelle's plan to invite Tom over for dinner, and Max is angry to learn that Carmel has been suspended over the sealed bids leak. Could it be that he's starting to grow a conscience?

There's never been any love lost between Todd and Aidan (Coronation Street, ITV), and matters are about to get a whole lot worse as Todd remains determined to bring his arch enemy down a peg or two.

As he and Adam try to work out a way to make Colin pull out of the deal to buy Rita's flat, Aidan realises the duo haven't exactly been above board with their dealings and tells Billy what he's discovered. Out of spite, Todd then informs Aidan's financial advisor that he's homeless, putting the businessman's hopes of getting a loan in jeopardy.

Alya manages to dig Aidan out of that particular hole, but it's unlikely that Todd is going to let him off lightly. Aidan soon has another drama to deal with when Johnny announces his plan to add the insurance money to his retirement fund so that he and Jenny can move to Spain.

Elsewhere, Mary makes a drastic decision regarding her family, Sinead struggles with being a stepmum and Seb moves into no4.

Emma continues to cause almost as much trouble in death as she did in life (Emmerdale, ITV), as this week Adam is arrested for her murder after her suicide note is found in his car.

He insists it was planted there and, after being released on bail, joins forces with Victoria to find out who framed him. Their chief suspect is Ross, who decides it's probably best if he left the village for a while. As far as Adam and Victoria are concerned, that just makes him look guiltier, and they are hoping the police will feel the same way...

Faith is annoyed when Pollard doesn't want her to join him for a meeting with an old friend, but no doubt she'd be even angrier if she knew that in her absence he'd bribed a councillor - and inadvertently threatened the future of the Dingle homestead.

Elsewhere, Robert continues to manipulate Lawrence, while Aaron finds himself stuck in the middle of nowhere with Rebecca, just as her waters break.

And Bernice has a bad day when one of her clients drops dead in the salon, although Nicola spots a way to cash in on the tragedy.