HAS Max suddenly developed a conscience in EastEnders (BBC1)? Very possibly. He initially manipulates Carmel into helping him get insider information from the council. Max looks at Carmel's laptop while she's asleep for the info needed. Then he tells Willmott-Brown he wants to meet up and sort things out once and for all.

Meanwhile, the Carters are gutted to discover if they can't pay the cash Grafton Hill has demanded for repairs to The Vic, they will be out on their ears, so they try and figure out a way to pay the debt.

Luke pays a visit to Jay to make an offer on the car lot. Billy is stressed when he learns there will be a tax audit on the business, and when he discovers how much he owes, it could endanger the company.

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Donna winds Robbie up about his date, who cancels, so she tells him he can take her out instead.

And a reluctant Keanu invites Ingrid over for dinner, but as she arrives, Ingrid witnesses Karen in a confrontation with the loan sharks.

In Coronation Street (ITV) it looks like psycho builder Pat Phelan could be in trouble as old ghosts come back to haunt him. Having promised Andy that he'll soon be a free man, Phelan takes revenge on someone who previously wronged him. As Nicola (finally) starts asking questions about her dad's shady past, Phelan snaps and makes a final decision about the future of his hostages.

Anna is stunned when she looks into Seb's home life, and finds his mum has overdosed. Seb blames her when the twins are taken into care, and she blames Pat for poisioning Seb against her. When he later suffers a fall, many will be left wondering if Phelan has framed her for attempted murder.

Meanwhile, Aidan hits the bottle, has a go at Adam, and then makes a move on Alya after suggesting that they set up in business together.

While rookie cop Craig impresses his new mentor, Fiz and Tyrone face a moral dilemma when they receive a £2,000 cheque for Hope. And there's plenty of comic relief when Steve winds up on a hellish double date with Moira.

No celebration in Erinsborough ever ends without dramatic incident, and Tyler's birthday brunch for Piper is no exception (Neighbours, Channel 5).

He's disappointed to discover that T-Bone has returned to town and she didn't mention the fact. Later, Hamish plans to drive a wedge between Tyler and Piper, and Leo grows suspicious of Courtney, but David warns him to mind his own business.

The on/off marriage between Toadie and Sonya takes another turn when she suggests revisiting key moments in their relationship, and the legal eagle tries to find a way to retrieve their love lock from the lake.

Elly's friend Caro makes Gary an offer he may not be able to refuse, much to Terese's concern, and Steph is ready to give up on the wellness centre.

Amy's huge cheque from an anonymous donor offers a ray of hope, though little wonder Steph is suspicious of who provided the cash in the first place. Who indeed?

Who's holding the baby in Emmerdale (ITV)? Certainly not Moira, who is left alone for a time with the new arrival who won't stop crying.

Though the doctor diagnoses colic, Moira race to the hospital, leaves the baby there and then Faith is left to cover for her. However, it remains to be seen whether Social Services will step in or whether Cain can help her.

Meanwhile, new evidence has emerged regarding Emma's death, giving Moira and Adam more cause for concern. When Harriet tells Cain she's thinking about moving to Oxford, he tells her he doesn't want her to go, and makes a move on her. Could romance be on the cards?

Elsewhere, Debbie's cashflow problems create cause for concern, and a mystery woman snaps up the house Debbie and Chrissie were hoping to win in an auction.