THE morning after the night before, Tick emerges from the tour bus, sees the remnants of the party and exclaims in horror “Someone's left the cake out in the rain” in possibly the most outrageous cue for a song in the history of musical theatre.

It's an excuse for another FAB-U-LOUS production number, in this case MacArthur Park which, like everything in this joyous show based on the cult movie, comes complete with singing divas, giant dancing cupcakes, a trio of drag queens and more camp than you'd find at a Boy Scouts jamboree.

Priscilla is the bus transporting a hat-trick of drag queens across the Australian Outback for a show in Alice Springs, where Tick/Mitzi (Joe Wawryniak in fine voice) will meet up with his young son.

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Bernadette (Alex Weatherhill) wouldn't look out of place at a WI meeting although her waspish, not to say downright filthy, tongue would cause gasps among such ladies. Completing the trio is young, hot-headed Adam/Felicia (Jacob Husband) who's determined to live his life his way whatever the consequences.

From the opening song It’s Raining Men, led by the three Divas (Jacqueline Bell, Lauren Sheriston and Joanne Theaker), and Richard Barker’s Miss Understanding doing a fearsome Tina Turner impression on What’s Love Got To Do With It?, Nick Briggs’s production springs along like a randy kangaroo in search of a mate.

The show is worth seeing just for the over the top costumes and dancefloor songs (True Colours, I Will Survive, Boogie Wonderland, Go West… the list goes on and on) although that's not to deny there aren't fine performances from the trio on the bus and those inhabiting the colourful characters they meet along the way.

Until 16 September. Box office 0844 8713024. Online

Raymond Crisp