A TECHNOLOGY firm expects to bolster its industry standing after securing a raft of contracts.

Filtronic is working on pilot and developmental agreements, which officials believe will translate into production orders over the coming months.

The update comes just days after bosses at the business, based at NetPark, in Sedgefield, County Durham, told The Northern Echo they were speaking to customers over potential deals to lock in fresh growth after a turnaround year reversed losses.

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The company also recently revealed a near £5m contract, which will see its North-East broadband division supply high-frequency modules for a defence operator’s aerospace project.

Addressing shareholders today (Thursday, September 28) at an annual general meeting, Rob Smith, chief executive, said the firm was making good progress.

He said: “We are pleased with our continued progress in developing new opportunities with existing customers and the further broadening of our customer base and markets.

“We were delighted to announce the agreement for the defence and aerospace market, and, as our customer wins more contracts, we expect these to flow through to us.

“We have also secured a number of smaller pilot and development contracts that we expect to lead to production orders later in our 2018 financial year.”

Filtronic is known for developing the Orpheus e-band transceiver, which increases the amount and quality of data that networks, including the telecoms sector, can carry.

It has undergone a period of rebuilding after the “lumpy” telecoms market compounded the impact of a quicker-than-expected TV anti-interference filter deal culmination.

The Echo earlier this year revealed the business was working alongside a US customer on a product aimed at improving broadband provision, by providing fast and reliable data connections, and Mr Smith said the firm is proceeding well.

He added: “We are not out of the woods yet, by any means, but we are working to move away from the lumpiness.

“It’s all about being more engaged with more customers and broadening our customer base, so that when you don’t get the peaks, you don’t go back down to zero.

“It will give us a more sustainable level.”