A SCHEME has been launched to match North-East entrepreneurs with business ideas.

Growthfunders, an online equity crowdfunding platform, allows businesses and ideas with high growth potential to gain support from investors.

Launched by North-East and Yorkshire-based entrepreneurs, Craig and Norman Peterson, GrowthFunders is the first platform designed and built by the Petersons’ firm GrowthCapitalVentures.

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GrowthCapitalVentures develops and operates online investment and capital introduction platforms.

Norman Peterson said: “The aim of GrowthFunders is to streamline the fundraising and investing process.

“Entrepreneurs can get their businesses in front of potential investors who in turn are excited to play their part in supporting a new wave of UK businesses.

“It is vital that when private companies raise capital from private investors that they do so in a fully compliant manner.

“Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the legislation that covers raising equity investment for privately owned businesses.

“We ensure that entrepreneurs are operating in this fully-compliant manner.”

The platform lists business from all stages of growth and all sectors, such as a start up in the technology sector with high-growth potential, to an established business that has been operational for six years.

Craig Peterson added: “The interest up to this point has been fantastic.

“We’re working with some very talented entrepreneurs and are excited about the next 50 deals we have in the pipeline that will be listing on the platform over the course of 2014.”