NISSAN could create more jobs after confirming its record-breaking North-East plant will make a new version of a popular car.

Bosses says an updated Juke crossover model will roll off the production line at its Sunderland factory in the spring.

The plant, which employs more than 7,000 workers, already makes thousands of Jukes every year alongside its new Qashqai, Note hatchback and all-electric Leaf.

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The move comes after Nissan last year revealed plans to take on 400 workers to start full 24-hour work across its two North-East production lines for the first time to meet increasing demand.

The company says the new Juke features a number of changes from the original model, including rear view cameras to help parking, and a driver control system to change between normal, sport and economy performance.

A spokesman said: “We are giving the Juke a bit of face-lift, which is what we do with any of our models through their life cycle.

“The 400 workers joined earlier this year to support work on the Juke and new Note, and there could be more in the future.”

Nissan's re-invigoration of the Juke comes just weeks after it started making its next generation Qashqai on Wearside, and nearly a year after work began on its second generation Leaf in the region.

Guillaume Cartier, Nissan's European senior vice president for sales and marketing, said he expected the updated Juke to rival the Qashqai's acclaim.

He said: “We stunned the industry with the Qashqai and we have done it again with the Juke.

“If anything, the Juke is even more daring and different than the Qashqai and appeals to a younger audience.

“It builds on the qualities which made the original Juke such a success, and its advanced technology will keep it ahead of the rest.

“The changes we've made will extend its appeal even further and cement our position as the leading brand in the crossover market.”

The updated Juke will go on sale in the summer.