CAR dealership Sherwoods has been one of the employers which got behind the Foundation For Jobs – and has reaped the benefits.

The firm, which has branches in Darlington, Stockton and Northallerton, has taken on five apprentices through the campaign, who have trained in mechanics with Darlington College.

The company has a history of taking on apprentices, and has been working with the college for 20 years to train them.

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Sherwoods managing director, Alasdair MacConachie, who is also chairman of both Darlington Partnership and Darlington College, said: “Foundations for Jobs is a fantastic initiative supported by Bishop Justin Welby, who has provided tremendous encouragement, continued interest and support.

“Giving apprentices a chance is absolutely crucial. If you take my example, you will see that they contribute a great deal and more than pay for themselves by supporting our qualified technicians allowing them to be more productive.

“In our experience Darlington College’s apprentices programme is outstanding. Every young person needs a chance and this is a good way to achieve positive outcomes. Young people exceed your expectations when given a chance; our apprentices certainly have.

“Own McAteer is doing an outstanding job in providing the leadership, vision and direction for the initiative and this is a crucial part of Darlington’s success. We are very grateful to The Northern Echo for releasing him to support this very important project. Owen has provided enthusiastic leadership across many spheres, including schools and colleges, which is very encouraging.”