A FIRM behind specialist equipment helping Royal Navy divers search for unexploded mines says it hopes to save £100,000 after assessing its work.

Haskel, based in Sunderland, says it expects to increase savings after carrying out a root and branch examination of individual jobs.

Bosses say the move has already saved £30,680, and expect that figure to rise to about £96,000 this year.

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The firm makes high pressure pumps and valves and supplies oxygen systems that charge cylinders in divers' breathing apparatus for the defence, energy and oil and gas sectors.

Gary Lamb, operations manager, said: “Value engineering involved about 40 per cent of the products we made last year.

“You can look at it either as profitability by reducing costs, or if you plan to enter a tough market you can reduce the selling cost but still maintain a healthy margin.

“The buy-in from all departments has been fantastic and I don’t think people realise what you can gain from it.

“I’m not talking about taking a couple of small items off a job, it can affect every department.”

Earlier this year, Haskel set up a service and repair team to maintain customers' products across the UK and Europe.