A NORTH-EAST storage provider has unveiled a new shopping aid to stop customers going wild in the aisles over their unruly trollies.

Storage and Handling Equipment, in Billingham, near Stockton, has worked with German inventor Martin Eberlein to create The Sassy Shopper, a smaller and compact trolley which can be pushed easily around supermarkets.

The company, which employs 15 people, owns the sales rights for the new trollies product in Europe and also supplies roll containers, hand baskets and milk trollies.

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Lynn Brown, sales director, said it has already received an order from a large DIY chain to use the trolleys, and revealed the trolley design came from Mr Eberlein, who she previously worked with in Stuttgart, Germany.

She said: “The trolleys will save space in the supermarket and are lighter to push around the aisles, and they can also be used on supermarkets' travelators.

“We have already had interest shown by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in East Asia, India, Russia and Europe, and are awaiting news on a potential three-year contract with a major global retailer.”