Katie Archibald bounced back from Track Cycling World Championships disappointment by winning the women’s classification at Six Day Manchester - and revealed she’s rediscovering her love for the sport.

Olympic gold medallist Archibald won team pursuit silver in Poland earlier this month but returned to winning ways on a thrilling final night at the National Cycling Centre, with fellow Brit Jack Carlin also winning the sprint title.

The Scottish rider saw off her nearest challenger Laura Kenny by six points and her success included a beautifully executed Madison victory on Sunday which delighted the crowds in Manchester.

“I feel very happy," said Archibald. "I’ve just been stood on stage, someone pouring champagne on my head so there’s a bit of living in the moment right now.

“You really remember what you love about the sport so, if I could, I’d be racing all the time.”

With Tokyo 2020 appearing on the horizon, Six Day Manchester provided the perfect opportunity for Archibald to regain confidence, although the women’s winner was wary of getting too excited about her form.

Archibald said: “I’m feeling good, but I thought I looked good last year.

“I’m kind of constantly torn between this grandiose sense of self and total misery when things go wrong, so I never really know but I enjoy the racing.”

For the British riders, the weekend’s events were a surreal experience given they train at the Six Day Manchester venue but, for Archibald, it was also very rewarding.

She added: “We train on this track every day, so it totally flips on its head in an environment like this.

“It’s kind of a strange juxtaposition of familiarity with this extreme sense of grandeur that goes with it, it makes it a very special weekend.

“The event has flown by. The races are packed in, there’s fast action and a big lively crowd so it goes in the blink of an eye.”