DARLINGTON SOUTH Park Bows Club have expanded massively over the last ten years with 4 mixed gender teams, 1 mens team and 1 mens veterans team, the natural next step is to try and give the community at South Park a ladies team.

Many years ago Rothmans and Parkside Ladies bowled at South Park, but sadly due to decline of Rothmans in Darlington and no easy access to the green at south park since the demise of park keepers these teams have wound down.

This year we are trying to attract ladies of all ages to the team with the aim of fielding a ladies league team in 2018.  This year as said we have 3 mixed teams, however our very dedicated member Hazel Minns is running a free social afternoon for ladies every Thursday, she is running a social bowls session followed by tea, coffee and biscuits.  She is hoping that the ladies section of the club can be increased and ensure that all people of South Park can enjoy a game of bowls.

The social afternoons will be every Thursday starting 2pm.  You are welcome to just turn up on each thursday, however if you are able to let us know it would be appreciated just in case of any problems on a specific week in terms of availability.  Please just let us know you are popping down on 07984 603455 or