Richmond Motor Club, Applegarth Trial, Sunday.

RICHMOND just beat the rain on Sunday at sunny Applegarth where 80 competitors took part in a non-expert event which featured 11 classes.

There were no small wheelers and all classes rode the full course covering three laps and 14 varied sections. The younger end of the entry only rode two laps. Due to the dry spell the grass in places was actually slippery.

Darren Fowler and Paul Astwood plotted a testing but mild course which took in Clapgate and returned to the narrow stream in the valley. The stream bed was slippery with little water flowing. The climb right up to the limestone scree for the penultimate section took marks off all the nine hard route contestants.

Farmer and Scott Trial parc ferme host Ken Wallis officiated in the final group.

On the hard route Glen Quinn and Adam Howling won the day on equal scores. Arkengarthdale farmer Robert Stones took a day off to share the Clubman honours with Leyburn joiner Paul Sadler, while Ian Rutter and Gary Moorhouse shared the top spot in the Over 40s division.

Andrew Brown’s showroom condition Fantic topped the Twin Shock class. Youths Joshua Pearson, Monte Andrew and Charlie Astwood headed the three youth classes that rode the full course while Alfie Astwood and Sam Long topped the two lap youth Class D and B contenders.


Hard course: Glenn Quinn (TRS) 32, Adam Howling (Vertigo) 32, Austin Gregg (Montesa) 33.Youths: Callum Fowler (Beta) 5. Harry Mugridge (Gas Gas) 43, Francis Nicholson (Beta) 46. Clubmen: Robert Stones (Montesa) 0, Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 0, Paul Haywood (Sherco) 1. Over 40’s: Ian Rutter (Gas Gas) 0, Gary Moorhouse (Beta) 0, Mark Proudlock (Montesa) 1. Twin Shock: Andrew Brown (Fantic) 4, Josh Brown (SWM) 11, Ian Hall (Fantic) 14. Youth Class A: Joshua Pearson (Vertigo) 11, Amber Richardson (Beta) 15, Ollie Watling (Beta) 21. Youth Class B: Monte Andrew (Beta) 9, Josh Macparland (Scorpa) 11, Ted Storrow (Gas Gas) 11. Youth Class C: Charlie Astwood (Beta) 7, Joshua Witting (Beta) 62. Youth Class DH: Alfie Astwood (Beta) 1, Bailey Huntbach (Gas Gas) 6, Joseph Witting (Beta) 14.Youth Class DE: Sam Long 3, Matthew Hall 3, Bea Royle 5. (All Beta).

Weekend Fixture List. Note; All Covid rules apply at all motor cycle events.

Saturday: Ripon Motor Club. Trial, Fir Tree Farm, Grewelthorpe, 5pm.

Sunday: Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club. Trial, Addingham Moorside, 11am.