Darlington & D.M.C. trial, Eskleth, Sunday.

LEYBURN joiner Richard Sadler cut his rivals down for the third time in three weeks when he won the Darlington Motor Club at Eskleth on Sunday.

Sadler started his victory run at Dob Park on April 4 then followed that result by winning the Wetherby club's trial at Fellbeck a week later. It was a different story though at the Darlington club's trial at Eskleth when Arkengarthdale engineer Jack Stones piled on the pressure to take second place, a mere five penalties behind Richard.

Jack had test ridden the Sadler Vertigo and bought one. As Jack Stones last competed in the 2019 Scott Trial, his debut on the brand new Vertigo certainly rang the alarm bells for all the expert competitors. Croft Inter grade competitor Rob Waite won his class from North East Centre visitors Dale Robson and Scott Aitken.

Glyn Ridley ran off with the Novice hard course class while Leigh Smith and Chris Laws rode Vertigos to first and second in the strong Over 40s category. Just two penalties separated the top trio. Waite also has been off trials since the 2019 Scott Trial. Fellbeck farmer Richard Shepherd excelled riding his pristine 250cc Honda, beating Adrian Harrison on the Easy route where Paul Sadler rode his new Vertigo to third place. The top female was teenager Amelia Mayhew who travelled down from Bishop Middleham with her father Scott, who was placed fifth in the Over 40s class. Graham Sanderson and his Darlington Motor Club team plotted the 18-section two lap event which took place under strict Covid rules. A total of 164 competitors to part in the trial.


Hard course. Experts: Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 6, Jack Stones (Vertigo) 11, Philip Alderson (TRS) 30.

Inters: Rob Waite (Beta) 23, Dale Robson (Gas Gas}) 35, Scott Aitken (Gas Gas) 36. Novices: Glyn Ridley (TRS) 29, Tom Middleton (Vertigo) 35, Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 37. Green course: Kevin Chapman (Gas Gas) 16, James Wainwright (Vertigo) 21, Kevin Tate (Scorpa 22. Twin Shock: Paul Dennis (Triumph) 14, Roy Palmer (Kawasaki) 20, Paul Norman (Fantic) 32. Over 40: Leigh Smith (Vertigo) 12, Chris Laws (Vertigo) 14, Steve Kirkwood (TRS) 14.

Easy Clubmen. Richard Shepherd (Honda) 4, Adrian Harrison (Vertigo) 5, Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 10. Youth Class A: Amelia Mayhew (Vertigo) 25, Jack Bennett (Beta) 33, Morgan Deswert (Beta) 67. Youth Class B: Spencer Bell (Beta) 45, Jack Vasey (Beta) 48, Ted Storrow (Gas Gas 51. Youth Class C: Charlie Astwood (Beta) 63.

Weekend Fixture List.

Saturday: Iveston & Satley M.C. Quad Championship, Wooley Grange, Stanley, 10am.

Eboracum M.C. Trial, Deepdale, Keldhome, 11am.

Sunday: Iveston & Satley M.C. Quad Championship, Wooley Grange, Stanley, 10am.