Richmond Motor Club, Sid Morten Memorial Trial, Fremington Edge, Good Friday.

The Richmond club got their annual Sid Morten Memorial Trial off to a flying start on Good Friday when 97 competitors converged on Scott Trial favourite Reels Head where Clerk of Course Simon Williams braved the Reeth ‘Himalayas’ to plot a testing twelve section three lap trial.

Nine classes were included and the expert ranks was really a Day in the Dales for Team JST Gas Gas. Battered and bruised Richard Sadler got through pain barrier to beat Guy Kendrew and Dan Thorpe chased by York’s Tom Hick and Arkengarthdale Beta rider Jack Stones.

Sadler lost his single mark in the seventh section where observer Greg Williams marked his penalty.

Roger Williams was sharp and took the Inter class. Boroughbridge novice Aldis Blacker dispatched the Richmond novices by miles.

Four Richardsons surfaced including Amber so there was Les, Allan and Stephen.

The word went round that the sun shone and Stephen emerged. A scurrilous rumour if ever.

Boroughbridge Beta rider Darren Gill has really struck form but Gary Pears was onto him and lost out on a tie breaker in the Green class.

Mark Sunter worked wonders with his pristine 500 Ariel to beat Paul Sadler and Gas Gas while Andy Kearton and the rapidly improving Sam Lambert were third and fourth in the clubman ranks.

Angela and Richie Sunter watched the action as well as those of Katy Sunter who was ninth in the Greens.

Special mention to Class A youth Andrew Reynolds who took sixth overall on the green route.

One shock competitor was Mintex Trial organiser Nathan Stones who competed clubman and finished eleventh on a nice shiny new Vertigo.

New bike, new national C of C licence, what next Nathan??


Richmond Motor Club, Sid Morten Memorial Trial, Fremington Edge, Good Friday

Hard course. Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (JST Gas Gas) 1, 2 Guy Kendrew (JST Gas) 8, 3 Dan Thorpe JST Gas Gas) 9. Inters: 1 Roger H Williams (Beta) 31, 2 Richard Kendra) (Gas Gas) 73.Novices: 1 Aldis Blacker (Gas Gas) 33, 2 Richard Fraser (Sherco) 44, 3 Chris Barnfather (TRS) 44. Green course: 1 Darren Gill (Beta) 16, 2 Gary Pears (Scorpa) 16, 3 Robert James (Beta) 18. Youths: 1 Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 19, 2 Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 26, 3 Josh Brown (Beta) 28.Clubmen: 1 Mark Sunter (Ariel) 5, 2 Paul Sadler (Gas Gas) 5, 3 Andy Kearton (Montesa) 8. Over 40’s: 1 Simon Williamson (Gas Gas) 11, 2 Bruce Storr (Beta) 12, 3 Gary Clement (Beta) 16. Twin Shock: Steve Watling (SWM) 66. Youth Class A: Max Marston (Gas Gas) 55. Youth Class B: 1 Liam Clement 19, 2 Elizabeth Tett (48, 3 Monte Andrew 71. (All Beta).

Ripon Motor Club, 1st Acklams Beta Summer Series Trial, Hutton Conyers, Saturday.

The opening Acklams Beta Summer Championship trials series got off to a great start at Hutton Conyers on Saturday afternoon with a Small Wheels with 13 contenders.

At 4pm the paddock was almost full as 95 competitors lined up to ride a ten section four lap course.

With a high number the decision was to split the entry in starting order to avoid wasting time.

Half the number headed for the first group of sections under the east boundary fence where grassy climbs were tricky as the sun polished the surface.

The sixth bordered the dried up lake then it was down into the tree shrouded ravine which featured climbs and turns over fallen trees.

Sections four and five were deep in the shrubbery with drop-offs and turns. Sections eight and nine were angled logs with grass climbs which were grippy and dry.

Anthony Ayrton posted the best score on the main course with a two mark penalty on the first section.

Novice winner Josh Swiers also posted a two on the same section.

Teenager Andrew Reynolds was out for a top spot and he did take the Class A award after a stop in section three on lap one.

Steve Gossop maybe over 50 years old but he rides the old BSA Bantam with style. His clean sheet ride was enough to win his class from Chris Crossley and Neil Richardson.

Chris Tennant was charging about with newcomer Elliot Tennant. The seven year old boy was competing in his very first trial and won his class. William Wright and Riley Plumpton won the other Small Wheel classes.


Ripon Motor Club, 1st Acklams Beta Summer Series Trial, Hutton Conyers, Saturday

Novices: 1 Josh Swiers (Sherco) 3, 2 Freddie Wills (Beta) 5, 3 Harry Wills (Beta) 14. Over 40’s: 1 Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 4, 2 Robert Pearson (Beta) 12, 3 Gary Clement (Beta) 23. Youth Class A: 1 Andrew Reynolds 5, 2 Josh Brown 10, 3 Oliver Watling 15. (All Beta).Green course. Novices: 1 Paul Pattison 1, Michael Benson 10, 2 Paul Sadler 5. (All Beta). Youths: 1 Alex Woodhouse (Vertigo) 3, 2 Josh Pearson (Beta) 17, 3 Will Storrow (Beta) 18. Over 50’s: 1 Steve Gossop (BSA) 0, 2 Chris Crossley (Beta) 2, 3 Neil Richardson (Beta) 2. Beginners: 1 Paul Lister (Montesa) 12, 2 Jack Brown (Beta) 17, 3 Riley Dixon (Beta) 19. Youth easy course: 1 Matthew Walmsley 2, 2 Charlie Astwood 35, 3 Charlie Lister 36. (All Beta). Twin Shock: 1 = Paul Mugridge (Yamaha) /Michael Platts (Honda) /Jon Gamble (Fantic) 0. Small Wheels hard course: 1 William Wright 10, 2 Josh Dent 11, 3 Callum Edmundson 15. (All Beta). Easy course: 1 Elliott Tennant (Sherco) 17, 2 Alfie Astwood (Beta) 21.Class E: 1 Riley Plumpton 15, 2 Evie-Rae Edmundson 34, 3 Riley Massey 58. (all Oset).



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