Richmond Motor Club, Harold Graham Memorial Trial, Cogden Hall, Grinton, Sunday

Richmond hit the sweet spot at Cogden Hall on Sunday and staged the annual Harold Graham Trophy Trial over Laurence Allison’s fine acres overlooking the village of Grinton.

The main action was on the limestone rocks that abound on the slopes of the east pasture which also provides a fine view of the Scott Trial section that carries the name Underbanks.

On those jagged rocks Richard Sadler in effect lost the trial to Guy Kendrew when on lap three he incurred a five penalty on a stony outcrop. Both front runners dropped marks on the sixth, Kendrew required three dabs to get his Gas Gas up the worst parts.

Ironically Philip Alderson did his softly softly ride and cleaned on every lap.

Mr Alderson still retains his legendary throttle skills.

Ryan Brown took the top novice prize but with Aldis Blacker right on his case.

Maximums on the second and twelfth section allowed Aldis to close up while third placed Chris Barnfather was the best scorer on stops with just seven on his card.

Gary Pears again demonstrated that his vintage Scorpa is nowhere near its sell by date and won from Will Dalton who fived sections two, five, ten and twelve.

Jack Harker’s score on section five cost him second place overall. Elliott Laws won the Youth class after Andrew Reynolds lost out to section two and five.

Richard Pulman hit sections three and twelve and that thirty penalties.

Neil Gaunt was invincible on the four stroke Beta and cleaned the course while Paul Sadler lost the class with a first lap dab in section nine.

The Over 40’s was a tiebreaker finale for Mark Simpson over Alistair Dalton.

Ted Harston ran the ten small wheelers over nine section three lap course.

Only Class BE and D ran. Bobbie Pulman and the fearless Josh Dent were the very clear class winners.

Richmond run again on February 24th at Wensley where the annual Dick Horner Trial will take place.

Start time will be 10.30am.



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