Bradford & D.M.C. Timperley Cup Yorkshire Centre Championship trial, Yarnbury. Sunday

TOM MINTA produced a result many riders could a dream about. The Telford motor engineer cleaned the entire Timperley Cup trials on Sunday on the bleak unforgiving moors high above the Yorkshire Dale tourist town of Grassington. Minta got his Birkett Scorpa through twenty Bradford Motor Club sections twice without dropping a boot. The disused lead mines have hosted trials for many years as far back as the fifties but due to various reasons including the weather the rocks and boulders have not had a wheel over them for two years. Consequently the organising team led by Simon Hodgson eased the slime coated rocks which yielded low scores in all three routes. The first six sections on the West Moor featured the feared Waterfall where Wendy Sherwin perched on a rock to mark the dabs, and fives.

The assemblage of competitors grew to large proportions as deep discussions on line ensued. The scores were starting to register notably Tom Minta's zero count after five sections got the rivals talking.. The fun started at the top of the Waterfall where the gaps and steps between the rocks trapped Dan Hemingway, Richard Sadler, Tom Middleton, Harry Turner and Alice Minta.

The star ride was by Horsham fourteen year old Jack Dance on a dab and Bradford teenager Charlie Smith who matched Minta with a double clean.

Runner-up Sam Beecroft-Penny footed on lap one and joined the second lap cleans with Sadler, Danny Gamble and Harry Hemingway. Brian Ayrton was at the higher waterfall where Tom Rushton pioneered a wall of death flight to avoid a no go situation. The sixth section in the group extracted another five from Dan Hemingway, where son Harry cleaned twice. Nathan Wrigglesworth and Charlie Smith. From section to eight was a straight run with a sting in the tail in the last four sections. The penultimate section observed by Mick Shorrock feature a leap up and over an enormous rock followed by a plunge into a narrow stream. Nigel Land managed the final stream section which was mild despite the rising water level. The 50/50 route was maybe too easy and winner Andrew Jackson skilled enough to part with just a single dab in the twelfth section in the second lead mine excavation.. Andrew Tales hung in with a good first half then dabbed the closing sections to be matched by Jamie Stephenson who was pressed by George Hemingway. On the easy route the three openers winner Darren Mitchell cleaned the first seventeen sections then dropped four at the end of each lap. Paul Sadler was in the frame until section seven on lap one with a clean sheet while Rob Hardisty was on a mission to take friend and rival Phillip Hammond to the cleaners - he did! A great trial in fine but very cold conditions.



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