A NATIONAL park ranger has completed the Pennine Way ultra-marathon after running the length of the trail in six days.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority ranger Matt Neale finished 13th overall in the Montane Spine Race.

Mr Neale, 47, started at 8am on Sunday, January 13 in Edale, Derbyshire and reached home territory – the Yorkshire Dales National Park – the following morning, being clocked in at Malham at 11.23am.

It took him about 24 hours to go south-to-north through the national park; he had a six hour rest in Hawes, where he serves as a retained fire fighter.

Mr Neale said: “There’s too much emotion to try and describe it. It’s quite overwhelming. What a great use of five days annual leave! It was minus ten degrees last night and it was a spectacular morning to finish.”

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority director of park services Kathryn Beardmore said: “Congratulations to Matt for once again pulling off an inspirational feat of endurance.

“The Montane Spine Race is helping to bring international attention to National Park landscapes and our National Trails.

"We’ve got a fantastic array of long distance routes through the Yorkshire Dales National Park to suite all abilities, whether walking, running, cycling or riding – whatever the pace."