ALAN PARDEW has accused Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas of a lack of respect following his comments after the two sides met last week.

The Magpies lost 3-0 at St James’ Park a week ago in a game where Chelsea centre-half David Luiz escaped a red card for a challenge on Demba Ba in the opening exchanges, a decision which Pardew suggested attributed to the Achilles injury suffered by Steven Taylor.

However, the Chelsea manager said that Pardew was exaggerating in comments made ahead of his side’s encounter against Manchester City tonight.

"This is the same manager who got a (controversial) penalty at Old Trafford to get a 1-1 making a big scandal out of this,” Villas-Boas said.

"And then it was 'It got their player (Steven Taylor) injured, because David Luiz wasn't sent off' - come on!"

But in the aftermath of the Magpies’ 4-2 defeat at Norwich City, Pardew reignited the row.

"Sometimes when you have defeat you have to find certain reasons why you've had that defeat, and you voice those concerns,” the Newcastle manager said.

“When you have a victory it's nice to be a bit more respectful and honourable in saying 'Well okay, we won the game but the decisions went in our favour'. That's what I did at Man United.

“I said it was a penalty and we accepted it and that was it. I think it would have been more honourable of him if he accepted Luiz should have got sent off like the referee did.

"When I looked at my stats of my players, Steven Taylor had put more workrate and effort into the game than any one he had played this season. That may be a factor in the fact he's got an injury to his Achilles, maybe it isn't. If they'd had ten men, maybe he might not have needed to work so hard.

“That was my only point. I'm not saying the sending off was related to his injury but they were pressurising and it was a factor in that. You'd be foolish to ignore that.

"But the guy's new to the country, he's new to our press and I think he's under a bit under pressure. Maybe he could show a bit more respect."