THERE'S a new push from the Middlesbrough Supporters South and James Nugent, recently elected to the committee, is keen to publicise the branch's relaunch.

WELCOME to the new MSS - viva la Southern Revolution.

Back in 1975, a handful of Southern-based Boro fans stood on the steps of Highbury and formed Middlesbrough Supporters South - a supporters club for loyal fans desperate for information on their hometown club. In the years that followed, through the rollercoaster days of Rioch, Robson and McClaren, the club had grown to over 1000 members - travelling to games, sharing the latest news and enjoying the annual, infamous Christmas Party.

Sadly, in recent years, the success of the supporters club has mirrored that of the football team. As of last year, numbers had dwindled to 150 - many of whom were renewing out of habit rather than necessity. As the internet was saturated with Boro news and the downturn of the team meant that individuals could easily purchase tickets without being affiliated to a supporters club, the role of MSS was unclear.

2010 is a milestone year in the history of MSS and brings about a number of landmark changes. For the first time in the club’s history, membership will be free and open to all. New members have been elected to the committee to bring fresh energy and ideas to the club, with the aim of restoring, and ultimately exceeding, the former glories of MSS.

We’re aiming to create a real community of Teessiders based in the South - from builders to bankers - united by their hometown and support of the Boro. We’re in the process of putting a number of tools and events in place to allow all Southern-based fans to easily interact and meet with each other - creating an instant support network and circle of friends for fans that find themselves in the South. The centre-piece will be our new website that is due to launch shortly.

Following negotiations with Grand Central trains, we will be offering all members the opportunity to enjoy discounted rail travel when travelling from London to Teesside for home games. We’re organising a number of social events and have three sports teams (Darts, Pool & Football), all looking for new players to join new-signining Marlon Beresford and play against other supporters teams in London. As our numbers and success grow, we’ll be organising mini-bus trips to away games as we watch Strachan lead the team into the Premier League and, hopefully, back into Europe.

Whether you have been based in the South for years or are just moving down here for work or college, we invite you to join the MSS revolution. We want you to be part of a largest communtiy of Boro fans outside of Teesside - providing a friendly face and Teesside craic to young and old. Join in.