Alun Armstrong is still expecting no shortage of vocal support on Boxing Day, despite the reduced number of Darlington fans able to attend.

Spennymoor Town gave Darlington 600 tickets for Sunday’s fixture, around half the number which made the trip to the Brewery Field when the teams met two years ago.

Darlington requested a larger allocation but Spennymoor said no. Quakers asked again after the initial 600 tickets were sold out, and again Spennymoor refused.

When declaring the fixture all-ticket, 600 was the minimum number Spennymoor were obliged to give Quakers in accordance with league rules.

The meeting in January 2020 saw “honest mistakes” in staging the contest, admitted Moors chief executive Brad Groves this week.

Despite fewer Quakers fans attending this time around, Armstrong said: “Our fans will still make a lot of noise, we’ll hear them alright.

“I’m surprised they’ve only allowed 600, but circumstances have dictated it.

“I’m sure we’ll get plenty of backing and hopefully the lads put in a decent performance for the fans.

“They’ve got a decent pitch now, they’ve spent a hell of a lot of money on it, it’s still got a bit of a slope but the surface is unbelievable and it’ll give us chance to play some decent football.”