In response to Tuesday’s dreadful display against Southport, Darlington will make changes for their home game against Guiseley.

Quakers go into the game having lost 3-0 at Southport on Tuesday, which led to strong criticism of the players from manager Alun Armstrong in the dressing room after the game.

It was Southport’s first league win of the season, doubling their previous points tally.

“That first half was the worst I’ve ever seen,” he said. “We need to bounce back. There’s no point in mulling over Tuesday, it’s going to be a tough game against Guiseley and the lads have got to be up for it.

“There are places for grabs and perhaps there are more places than I would have liked to be up for grabs. I’ve got a bit of thinking to do, as I have been since the game on Tuesday night. I’ll be chatting to some of the lads, because I think there needs to be a lot more from them in terms of energy. Some lads need to step up and take responsibility.

“I could have taken six or seven players off on Tuesday at half time. I gave them a chance to redeem themselves in the second half, but then I decided to make three subs before an hour had gone, which isn’t me.

“I saw so many flaws that caught me by surprise, and now some of the lads who let themselves down have got a chance now to bounce back.”

Darlington are 15th, a place above Guiseley, and six points below the play off places.

Armstrong says he did not sleep much after the defeat, with the defence found wanting against the long-throw tactics of Southport.

“I was up until 4am after the game,” revealed Armstrong. “It really hurt after seeing that. I’ve got to pick the lads up and we need the fans’ help to give the players support. The players will give a lot more than Tuesday night.

“There will be changes, and if that doesn’t happen, there’ll be changes at half time. The fans deserve it, and it’s up to me to get things right. At the moment, we’re up and down so much, it’s up to me to get things right, and that’s what is bugging me.

“You think you’re getting somewhere, then you’re back to square one. Then you’re up and back down again. We’re going to get these little bumps in the road. It just hurts really bad when it happens.”

Guiseley had their scheduled game at Telford postponed by the league on Tuesday.

“We’ve got to be on the front foot, work hard, and put Guiseley under pressure by getting on the ball and being brave,” Armstrong pointed out.

“We’ve got to get this consistency right, and it’s my and the management team’s job to get it sorted.”

Full back George Smith is out because of injury, centre half Danny Ellis is unavailable while striker Luke Charman plays his last game before starting a three-match suspension for his added-time dismissal at Southport.

Defenders Lexus Beeden and Joey Hope have both gone out on loan again to Billingham Town and Guisborough respectively.