A footballing dinosaur is usually defined by a manager of a certain age or a manager who invokes a certain playing style on the pitch. 

Which way Middlesbrough fans, or even football fans from around the globe, have been looking at it, Neil Warnock says there will always be supporters who won't be pleased with what they see on the pitch irrespective of form and results. 

Warnock came in for heavy criticism from sections of the Boro faithful following two consecutive defeats against Blackpool and Reading with fans, pundits and journalists painting the picture of watching team without a brand of football. Pressure mounted on Tuesday night's home tie against Sheffield United. 

The Boro boss made a series of changes to a side. Some would say they were his tried and trusted group of players from the squad and they produced a strong performance against an in form Sheffield United side beating the Blades 2-0 on the night. 

“I think the disgruntled ones will be there if Gareth Southgate or Sir Alex Ferguson or anyone else is in charge of the team. They will always have a problem" Warnock said. 

“They call me Dinosaur. It’s easy to say Dinosaur football so I’m going to be enjoying looking at you in the next few years and watching all this fantastic football and results that come easy and I’m sure it won’t be long before they are on with the next manager.

“Luckily when I first started, there was no social media so it was more enjoyable. It’s difficult for managers now because they have the phone ins, everybody is an expert, every fan you see has got an opinion, every director and every owner. Everybody is involved now.

“I’m very fortunate with Steve (Gibson). I tell him how it is before and after the game we speak and he’s the most supportive one I’ve ever had really.

“He was dead chuffed the other night really. He said to sit and watch that with the crowd like that, he said it was an amazing night for him and he thanked me for that. That’s what we are in it for.

“We’re in it to enjoy it and get the crowd going and hope there is a few more nights like that."

As Boro head into the international break, the first ten games of the league season has produced a mixed bag of results and form with twelve points so far and a place just inside the top half of the Championship table. 

The Smoggie fan base were probably expecting more from the first quarter of the campaign and more indicators that the team could challenge for the play-offs this season. 

Warnock is a man who feels the majority of the fan base are confident he can fulfil those ambitions. 

He added: “I don’t think any manager can tell you there isn’t any pressure. That’s how this job is.

“In my case, all I can do is do my best. I know what I’ve got and it is a good group of lads.

“If the time comes that Steve thinks it is time to change, he will tell me.

“All I can do is my best and I sometimes think it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.

“You know, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

“If it wasn’t me and it was somebody else getting these results, they would be giving them stick as well. So you can’t complain as a manager.

“All I know, I do feel like the majority of fans are right behind me. From what I can tell, talking to people around the town and everything.

“I don’t worry too much about that. But you will always get it. I remember getting stick at Cardiff when we were second in the league and en route to promotion. There were people saying it’s time to change the manager.

“You’ll always get people like that. It’s how social media is.

“But I think in general there’s an appreciation of how much we’ve turned the club around since I’ve been here and we’ve just got to enjoy it now.

“I said that to the lads the other night, ‘Let’s just go and enjoy it’. With everything the other night, the atmosphere, the lights etc. Wow! If you can’t enjoy something like that there’s something wrong with you.

“I thought we played like we enjoyed it as well.

“Everyone knows why I’m still in the game. I’m still in the game to win things.

“That’s why my biggest disappointment this season is that we haven’t eight or nine more points than we have.

“We quite easily should have done that because the games we’ve had that we should have won but have made mistakes. I just couldn’t envisage certain players making mistakes like they have done.

“So Tuesday was nice to keep the clean sheet and take two good goals because we should have had a lot more like that.”

This afternoon, Boro make the relatively short trip to the Humber region to take on a Hull City side with one win in ten games before the international break.