MIDDLESBROUGH manager Neil Warnock says the second half injury to Anfernee Djiksteel was the turning point in their defeat to Blackpool at the Riverside. 

Boro were 1-0 up in the 56th minute before Djiksteel immmediately signalled a problem to the bench after blocking a cross. The Boro boss didn't confirm what he problem was but said it looked like a hamstring injury to the 24-year-old. 

Isaiah Jones replaced Djiksteel in a make shift wing-back role but Boro's rearguard failed to deal with the pressure of the Tangerines who want on to win the game thanks to Marvin Ekpiteta's finish in the box and Grant Hall's own goal. 

Boro were leading from eight minutes into the game as Marcus Tavernier slammed the ball home from close range.

“It’s frustrating after a good start" said Warnock. 

“I’m disappointed we haven’t won the game if I’m honest. But that’s life and things happen in a game, but I thought we could have been out of sight by half time.

“But we weren’t and I thought at half time we then can’t give them an incline.

“But then the injury to Dijksteel and not having another full-back on the bench cost us. I thought we were comfortable until that point.

“All teams in the Championship will have chances. That’s the nature of this league."

It was oulsating game of football at the Riverside that ultimately Boro came out on the wrong end of the result. 

However, Warnock felt that referee David Webb made some questionable decisions during the game, particularly for the free-kick which lead to Blackpool's first goal of the game. 

Warnock added: “If I’m honest, I thought it was a cracking game of football which I really enjoyed. 

“I’m just disappointed to come in here and face you lot when we’ve lost.

“Their equaliser wasn’t a foul but I think the referee got talked into it. It’s not a foul in a million years. Tav done ever so well and took the ball cleanly and we’ll probably hear it was a mistake in the middle of the week.

“But having said that, that hasn’t scored the goal.

“We’ve got young Isaiah who should be out there closing them down when they’ve taken it short. He was dreaming a bit.

“And then the cross comes in and he turns Dael too easily. So it’s disappointing to concede a goal like that. That’s not the referees fault.

“I think we’ve done well really and I can’t really fault them.

“I thought Peltier was fantastic today. He didn’t give that kid that’s highly rated [Bowler] a look in today. He couldn’t have done any more for the cause.”