Darlington chief executive David Johnston has hit out at comments made online by some of the club’s supporters, claiming they have resulted in someone turning down a position at Quakers.

With Dave Mills currently on sick leave, Quakers are looking to fill a commercial assistant’s role.

Johnston said: “There have been some unnecessary and ridiculous posts on social media and messageboards recently that are causing much more harm than good, and I believe were a factor in somebody changing their mind about taking on the commercial assistant’s role.

"There’s nothing wrong with a debate and making constructive suggestions, but a small group of people seem intent on undermining the club with inaccurate, sarcastic and defamatory comments.

“I must point out that the vast majority of Darlington fans are fair-minded, but there are some who jump on their keyboards to do emails and social media posts without thinking.

“This is not helpful and I question the motives of these individuals; do they really want the best for our club as their actions and behaviour would suggest not.”

Johnston's comments appeared in the programme for today's FA Cup game with Chester.