ALUN Armstrong admits he's desperate to bring experienced heads into his Darlington squad as they look for ways to turn around their dismal start to the season.

The Quakers have suffered three defeats in their opening games of the season against Alfreton, Curzon Ashton and most recently against Bradford Park Avenue.

Armstrong has said recently that he's been scouring the lower leagues and Scotland for new recruits in a bid to halt their run of form. 

He admits that changes are needed but it's going to be easier said than done. 

Armstrong said: “We’re trying with them, we’re giving them probably longer than what they should have because I probably would have changed it if we had more personnel. Believe me we’re trying. We need them in pretty sharpish because otherwise I’ll not be here. It’s as simple as that.

“The brick wall just seems to be getting bigger. The money is there to bring them in but unfortunately every is keeping hold of them at this moment in time.

“I’ve had that many excuses. It’s not a young kid that I want. Everyone knows there’s no point bringing a young kid into this environment at this moment in time.

“We need some proper leaders in there who are going to be aggressive. Otherwise you’re going to end up with that again unless the lads step up.

“I’ve been offered kids that are 19 and 20 year-old. It’s not what I need. I wouldn’t want to bring them into an environment like this. It will be tough for them because they’ve never played at this level. It’s experienced players at this level that I need."

The Quakers are back in action next Saturday when they make the trip to Blyth Spartans.