I can almost guarantee that every single Hartlepool United fan reading this will have sang Gavan Holohan's chant. 

The catchy tune is almost impossible to shake off once it's in your head.

The scenes in Bristol and the celebrations in Millennium Square will live long in the memory of every Pools fan and player. So much so that when word got out about the fans heading to the squafre after the final, the players and management staff went to join them. 

THe 29-year-old has been speaking to the Northern Echo at length about his time at Hartlepool United, but he was quick to admit he couldn't stop singing his own chant in the days after the final, which his partner quickly got tired of. 

"She was tearing her hair out. I wasn’t even realising I was doing it, I was just humming along to it.

"Everyone was saying the same to me. They just cannot get it out of their head.

"It’s pretty surreal to be honest because when you’re a kid, that’s something you kind of dream of.

"Playing football is first and foremost but then having fans sing your name is pretty surreal. You can’t really get used to it to be honest.

"I remember seeing videos the night before the game, all the fans in Millennium Square singing it. That just gave me more motivation for the game.

"When we got back to the hotel and it was all kicking off again in Millennium Square, everyone was just like ‘we need to get there now’ and just get involved in it. It was pretty special like.

"I’d get picked up and kept bring brought back right into the middle of it.

"I’d escape for a few minutes just to get a breather and floated at the back where it was a bit more chilled out.

"Then all of a sudden, this absolute beast would just come up behind me and pick me up on his shoulders. Literally just put his head in between my legs and just pick me up and he’s taken me straight back into it.

"I was just getting sprayed in the face by all sorts. It was pretty nuts. You’ll never forget days like that."

The Irish midfielder is now something of a cult hero at Pools. Holohan is now entering his fourth season with Hartlepool United and his most recent campaign was by far his most memorable. 

Holohan joined the club back in February 2019 on a short-term deal until the end of the season where he was handed a chance to earn himself a longer contract. 

The Northern Echo: Gavan Holohan with former Hartlepool manager Craig Hignett after signing a short-term deal in 2019.Gavan Holohan with former Hartlepool manager Craig Hignett after signing a short-term deal in 2019.

Previously, Holohan started his career with Hull City as a youth player moving over to England at the age of 16. 

After it didn't work out on Humberside, Holohan became a Irish Premier League nomad moving from club to club playing for the likes of Drogheda, Cork City, Galway and Waterford. 

"I was playing back home previously in Ireland for five years and I moved back with my partner, Annie, who is originally from Hull which is where we are living now.

"When we moved back, the plan was obviously always to get back over here and settle down and make roots over here.

"We moved back over and my agent was in talks with a few clubs. Hartlepool just came up and I knew it was a big club and it shouldn’t have been in the league it was in.

"The opportunity came up and it just seemed like a good challenge at the time. It seemed like a proper club.

"When it came about it was just about trying to get it done. It took a while to get done because there was a faff around with my international clearance.

"It took weeks to get cleared. I actually ended up at the club just lingering around for four or five weeks which was annoying because there wasn’t actually long left in the season.

"Towards the end of that season, I think I only played maybe four or five times by the time it all got cleared. Luckily I did enough in that time to earn a contract for the following season. 

In one of those games, Holohan was handed his first start in a Pools shirt away to Aldershot in the National League. It's fair to say he made the most of his chance.  

"It was a big opportunity for me because it was my first start. I knew myself I had to grab the opportunity to try and earn a contract for the following season so I knew it was a game I had to perform in and when you grab a goal that obviously helps.

"I know at the time Higgy (Craig Hignett) was pretty impressed and I think I played a few more games after that and did quite well.

From then on, Holohan earned himself a two-year deal at the club and has barely looked back. 

The Northern Echo: Gavan Holohan, 29, in action for Hartlepool United. PICTURE: MARK FLETCHER.Gavan Holohan, 29, in action for Hartlepool United. PICTURE: MARK FLETCHER.

"I’ve obviously had some good spells playing back home in Ireland playing for some good clubs but it’s probably the most settled I’ve been.

"To be honest, playing back home the longest I was at a club was two seasons where I was at Cork but other than that I was moving club to club.

"That’s just the way it works over there.

"I’ve said in past interviews that I’ve felt like I’ve found a second home in Hartlepool. I’m really settled and loving it.

"There has been a lot of change. Comings and goings in the past few years.

"When I first came to the club, it was probably a different atmosphere at the club. You could slowly see it building and building and there was that slight progression and you could see where the club was headed.

"It was a challenge I wanted to stick around for and, obviously getting the club back in the Football League, I knew who much it meant to the town and the fans and everybody involved in the club.

"It was always something I wanted to achieve and wanted to stick around and see if I could help to achieve it and luckily we’ve managed to do that."

Holohan is one of the club's longest serving players and is a trusted member of Dave Challinor's squad. He was already tied down until the end of next season. 

Having made nearly 100 appearances for the club and reached double figures last season in goals, the Irish midfielder wants to continue to help the club to more success and consolidate their position in, what he says as, their rightful place in the Football League.

The Northern Echo: Gavan Holohan celebrates Hartlepool United scoring against Weymouth in the National League. PICTURE: MARK FLETCHER.Gavan Holohan celebrates Hartlepool United scoring against Weymouth in the National League. PICTURE: MARK FLETCHER.

For now though, the hard work doesn't stop. And it hasn't really stopped for them. After a short break, the squad are now back in for pre-season training after of their first friendly against Runcorn Linnets on Saturday.

"It’s a quick turnaround. We started a month later, we started in October. You would think that they would have altered the League Two season for the teams that we getting promoted but it makes it tough obviously having the quick turnaround. Everyone else has had a six to eight week break.

"It’s just something we’re going to have to do. It would be a hell of a lot worse if we were still in the same league and we a shorter break so at least we’re back in the Football League and it’s an exciting time for everyone to look forward to."