IT is desperately sad that England’s fabulous achievement in reaching the final of the Euros 2020 tournament is being tainted by a fool who shone a laser pen in the face of the Danish goalkeeper at a crucial moment.

A green light can clearly be seen buzzing around the face of Kasper Schmeichel as he prepares to face Harry Kane’s penalty.

Fortunately, the keeper seems not to notice, and he went on to save the spot kick, although Kane netted the rebound.

It is a dishonour to the country that anyone should even think of trying to cheat in this way.

These pens, that only cost a few pounds, have been aimed at pilots as well as other footballers in the past, and can damage eyes. It is hard to see why anyone would take one to a football match, except to cause mischief.

The Danes have every right to be appalled – it was a soft penalty, conceded when there appeared to be a second ball on the pitch, and then someone in the crowd tried to interfere with their goalkeeper.

However, having expressed their disappointment, the Danes seem unwilling to make an issue over the laser incident, and their manager Kasper Hjulmand paid a generous tribute to Gareth Southgate after the game.

We should applaud their magnanimous spirit – it certainly puts to embarrassing shame the individual with the laser pen.