Middlesbrough forward Duncan Watmore believes it's coming home for England with the help of former team mate Jordan Pickford and former manager Gareth Southgate.

Watmore, 27, was a team mate with Pickford during his Sunderland days. He played under Southgate when the former Boro manager was in charge of England's Under 21 side.

The Three Lions reached the Euro 2020 final on Wednesday evening thanks to a 2-1 win over Denmark after extra time at Wembley.

“Nothing quite gets you like the English football team,” Watmore told the club website.

“You see the whole country how it unites everyone - all my friends and family, everyone I know.

“I was very very nervous, then obviously absolutely buzzing. What a feeling, the first final in 55 years, it’s amazing.

“It’s coming home - that seems to be all anyone is talking about and it’s brilliant.”

Southgate was in charge of the Under 21's for three years where Watmore made 13 appearances for his country.

“My highest praise for him is what he’s like as a person,” Watmore said.

“I think you can see that from how highly is regarded and spoken of by everyone who comes across him.

“There isn’t much I can’t say about him if I’m honest, he’s a brilliant man and a brilliant manager - how honest he is, how fairly he treats people and how interested he is in their lives and what’s going on around them. But he’s also intelligent and studious - he’s such a clever man and knows so much about football.

“He’s obviously such a nice guy but he has that ruthlessness when he needs it, in a football sense.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my two years under him with the U21s. I’m so happy for him and for the team because they play under so much pressure and they’re doing such an amazing job. I’m feeling the same as everyone in the country, so excited and just buzzing for Sunday.”

Last season’s top scorer for Boro, Watmore is cheering on former teammates in the England team. He was together with the likes of Jack Grealish, Marcus Rashford and Ben Chilwell with the Young Lions, while goalkeeper Jordan Pickford - who broke the minutes without conceding record held by the great Gordon Banks last night - is a good friend from their shared time at Sunderland.

“It’s incredible, Pickers is such a good guy, we shared a room at the U21s together and to see his journey and how far he’s gone is just amazing," said Watmore.

“I feel like he’s taken everything in his stride. I never doubted he would, he’s that kind of character and got that amount of ability.

“He’s an incredible goalkeeper, a great guy and I’m so happy for him and how well he’s doing.”

Watmore has one final word ahead of Sunday’s huge final against Italy.

“One more game to go. Get it done, It’s coming home!”