PETERBOROUGH chairman Darragh MacAnthony says the Sky Bet League One and Two seasons could be extended until late May to allow the coronavirus-hit campaign to be finished.

The 2019-20 term in Leagues One and Two were curtailed in June this year amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The final table was determined on a points-per-game method, with the play-offs then played behind closed doors.

The rapid rise in coronavirus cases and a raft of postponements throughout the English Football League has led to concerns in some quarters that the current campaign could be similarly affected.

But MacAnthony said: “I think the season will finish. We don’t need to go to those headlines again. I think that was last year’s headline and, going in to 2021, look, we’ve got until the start of May to finish our season.

“If we have go to the end of May, so be it. League One and League Two are not going to have many players going to the Euros this summer. So I don’t see why we can’t go an extra two or three weeks if necessary.”

West Brom manager Sam Allardyce has voiced support for a “circuit break” in the Premier League as the number of positive coronavirus tests continued to rise.

A report in The Daily Telegraph said representatives of some top-flight clubs had proposed a two-week ‘cooling off’ period, and Allardyce insisted it was the “right thing” to cope with the outbreak.

MacAnthony, however, questioned whether the 66-year-old former England manager should be working alongside young athletes given that the older age group are at greater risk of the consequences of coronavirus.

“I understand where Sam Allardyce is coming from, this really affects people badly who are over the age of 60,” MacAnthony said. “If I was over 60 I’m not sure I’d want to work in a job surrounded by young people, who could potentially have the virus and are going out or staying in as they should be.

“That’s no derogatory comment to footballers, I’m just surprised Sam took the job. If I’m over 60 I wouldn’t be taking a job in football until I’m vaccinated in the next couple of months.

“There’s no point in coming in now and saying we should have a circuit break and stop for two weeks. Football has done this well really. I think they’ll continue to do this really well, we’ll get over this bump into January.”