STEVE BRUCE has once again called on the Premier League to clear up the current confusion about Newcastle United’s proposed takeover – despite the governing body’s chief executive describing the situation as “complicated”.

Speaking at a meeting of the House of Commons’ Culture Select Committee this morning, Premier League chief executive, Richard Masters, was asked a direct question about the Saudi-Arabian backed deal that is currently on the table for the Magpies.

With the Premier League’s owners and directors’ test now in its third month amid controversy over Saudi Arabia’s human rights record and the Gulf state’s alleged complicity in the illegal broadcasting of English top-flight matches, Masters said: “I do appreciate that uncertainty.

“I cannot comment in terms of timing or the specifics on any particular takeover but in a perfect world, takeovers would happen cleanly, clearly and in a timely fashion.

“Sometimes, things get complicated. When they drag on, sometimes there's a requirement for information.

“It's a relatively rare occurrence. I think it's very difficult to keep a constant dialogue with fans about what's an entirely confidential process.

“We can't provide a running commentary on things and, as I said, I just can't talk about the specifics of this particular process.”

Bruce has been focusing his attention on the preparation of his team for tomorrow night’s Premier League game at Bournemouth, but the Magpies manager has reiterated his previous demand for some clarity as quickly as possible.

Bruce said: “I think I’ve made my comments on it – the quicker (it is resolved), the better, and then we can all move on. Let’s hope there’s a decision soon.

“We can’t influence that and we can’t allow it to become an excuse. We’re all professional people and we just have to get on with it. We need a decision to be made, so let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.”