JONATHAN Woodgate, the Middlesbrough boss, admits his club has been left short of advice and information when it comes to returning to action.

While the EFL announced late on Sunday evening that the Championship was planning to return on June 20, clubs were caught out by the news.

QPR said they were appalled by the news, but Woodgate offered a more sanguine response.

“It’s about the safety of players and staff and hopefully we get that,’’ he said on BBC Tees. “I only found out ten minutes before the statement, hopefully I will get more details.

“Is it long enough? It will have to be as they have come up with that date. Whether they are ready or not is a different circumstance.

“The players had eight weeks doing a lot of work from home, turned up really fit and we have worked hard with them. The last week when we look to play we will come off them a bit. We are in the unknown and let’s hope the players are ready.

“No-one has given us.. .it’s the unknown and we will step up to contact training soon with a lot of intensity.

“We have to be careful after the sessions and still social distance. Hopefully we are all fine with it and I can’t see any problems.’’

Boro are in line to play Swansea at the Riverside on the first weekend of action and Woodgate is hoping to arrange friendlies at home to replicate the alien nature of playing behind closed doors.

He said: “Hopefully with the guidelines to get to full contact we can play a couple of friendlies at the Riverside at 12 o’clock, three, and try and improvise the atmosphere and kick-off times as close as we can do get used to in that environment. Can we do it? I’m waiting for answers.

“It’s been one hell of a debut season as manager, this is another tough lesson to learn.’’

There has been one positive test for Covid-19 at Rockliffe Park since the players returned to training and regular testing has taken place.

He added: “The players have been desperate to get back after eight weeks of lockdown. They have enjoyed training, it’s been tough and good and it’s been a hard period and they can’t wait to get back to training.

“It will happen constantly and that’s why we have to vigilant. What happens if someone or three or four players are found positive days before a game – it might happen.

“It’ll be Saturday – Thursday – Saturday for the rest of the season I’d expect and we have some good players to pick from, but some haven’t played for a considerable amount of time – such as Ayala and Roberts.’’