EBBSFLEET United’s manager has defended his players in the wake of their controversial win at Hartlepool United last weekend.

Relegation-threatened Fleet won 1-0 at Victoria Park, but the fall out from the game continues.

The visitors claimed two separate incidents of racist abuse took place and those allegations have been vehemently defended on social media by home supporters.

Goalkeeper Jordan Holmes reported a comment from the Town End aimed at one of his team-mates, while Jermaine McGlashan insisted he heard a comment from the terrace on the Neale Cooper Stand.

Fleet came in for stick during and after the game for their time-wasting tactics and outlook, which Watson did defend in the aftermath of the game. He has now claimed time-wasting didn’t occur.

He added: “I think we’ve been given stick and comments have been aimed at us that would not happen with one of my teams.

“I’ve seen a lot of negative comments from the opposition fans about my players – calling us various things – but I’d never send one of my sides out like that.

“It’s not nice and we don’t want any more negative publicity towards our club.

“The things I’ve seen about time-wasting really didn’t happen. If the ball goes out behind the goal and there are no supporters there then it’s going to take a while to come back –Jordan doesn’t need to run for it.

“The boys that went down with injuries were legitimate injuries.

“If time-wasting is being clever by keeping the ball in the corner and playing it off your opponent’s legs for a throw-in, then I call that good game management.”

Watson, an experienced midfielder in his playing days, spoke openly and honestly on Saturday evening, and cited Victoria Park as the most hostile environment he has played or managed at.

He has added: “I’ve never experienced anything like that before and it’s not nice if it has happened.

“Ayo Obileye was coming on as a substitute and Jordan came over and spoke to the fourth official.

“There was an alleged comment from behind the goal that Jordan didn’t feel was right. The referee came over and followed the protocol.

“Then Jermaine was on the far side and he said there was a comment while he was waiting to come back on the pitch.

“The referee called us over again and there was a tannoy announcement.

“The referee was very good, he spoke to us after the game. All the officials, including the safety officer, were in his room and he took detailed reports from the players and the FA will now investigate what has happened.”

McGlashan also infurated the home crowd by deliberately heading the ball into the Neale Cooper Stand and at supporters as he moved to take a throw in.

Visiting substitute Ayo Obileye saw red after the final whistle, after clashing with Pools’ chief Dave Challinor, who was also sent off.

Obileye was goading home supporters and Watson added: “One of their fans went on the pitch and was going to confront Ayo.

“He celebrated the win, perhaps he shouldn’t have done it in front of them, but they’ve given us stick throughout the game and it’s a show of emotion.

“No supporter should ever enter the field of play – that’s completely not on.

“Then Ayo and Dave Challinor had words and both got sent off. Whether we appeal it or not, I don’t know yet.”

Watson repeated his mantra from the weekend that there was no reason for his team to waste time and delay the game when they had a lead to hold onto.

Nine minutes of injury on time were added on and Watson added: “It’s a difficult place to go, there were nearly 4,000 fans in there with 50 or 60 of our supporters. It was quite a hostile atmosphere and they are desperate for their team to do well.

“I didn’t hear it but I know my players and those two boys are good lads.

“They’ve no need to do it. Please, someone tell me why we would want to stop the restart for six or seven minutes and put pressure on a team-mate? Gozie (Ugwu) had to wait a long time to take the penalty. Why would you do that?

“To be fair to Jordan it wasn’t directed at him. He was getting stick throughout the game but when that comment was directed at his team-mate he felt it wasn’t right.”