PROMOTION and the Football League are the reasons why Hartlepool United have turned to Dave Challinor.

The club’s manager-in-waiting – he is due to take official charge on Monday as he resolves some issues from his time at Fylde – has been tasked with getting Pools up this season.

Antony Sweeney, impressive with one defeat in five caretaker games, remains in control for tomorrow’s FA Cup tie at Yeovil, with Challinor taking a watching brief.

Chief executive Mark Maguire explained: “One suggestion made by a member of staff was give Sweens to the end of the season, but the risk element of that is we don’t care about promotion or the play-offs.

“No-one wants to win the division this season. We have made a decision where we believe that tweaks are required and someone with the nous can come in and make those tweaks in the right areas, then we have every chance of success this season.’’

Pools are sitting in 13th spot in the table, five points from the play-offs and nine off top spot and the sole automatic promotion slot.

On Tuesday they lost 1-0 at home to Solihull, a team who have mastered the art of National League football.

And Maguire accepted the need for Pools to become more savvy when it comes to this division.

“Do we become a National League side? We need the nous of knowledge of the division, without compromising the principles and standing of this club,’’ he insisted.

“We need the nous to do the right things. Dave said the stats are that in 85 per cent of games we have been ahead 1-0 in we have got points from. When we have gone 1-0 down we get no points. Small tweaks are needed to see that out.

“We don’t have to turn into a team like we saw the other night but you need that thing.

“It’s about knowledge and respect for players at this level and I feel that in conversations he was talking about players who can make a difference if we have to change things.’’

He added: “If you recruit non league players, do you become a non league club. Look at Lincoln who recruited well from below and have gone higher.

“Premier League scouts are looking at this division because they are all scared of missing out on the next Jamie Vardy.

“There are players at the level, but it’s about understanding it and having the connections to take advantage of it. It’s not about ripping up and starting again, but do we need nous and physicality and all that? Yes we do.’’

Challinor has met club staff and players and is likely to travel to Yeovil with the squad today, without taking charge until after the weekend. He has already watched the club’s last two games.

Maguire added: “He has a couple of issues to resolve with Fylde which means we won’t start him officially until Monday.

“It’s important he resolves those before turning his full focus to ourselves. Tony and Ian (McGuckin) have done a fantastic job in recent weeks and given us the luxury as a club to take our time ands allow Dave to be around them, learn their thoughts and see them in operation.

“Tony will remain in charge this weekend with Dave around and about to offer observations and thoughts.

“The announcement is made and, by all intents and purposes that is the case and nothing will stop it happening.

“It’s been a busy week so we decided the best way to proceed is to carry on as we were, then Dave will have a proper press conference on Monday to start work in that respect.

“He is around and about and getting to know the club and players in the meantime.

“There’s no fears whatsoever. He is sorting out things with Fylde, but nothing preventing him takin a job here.

“We have a contract in place and agreed and there’s not going to be another drama around the club.’’

Challinor replaces Craig Hignett, who was sacked last month after a defeat at Stockport, alongside coach Ged McNamee.

Maguire accepted: “There may be a perception out there it was harsh and early to part company. He worked hard and was instrumental in saving the club, a fantastic fella to work with and we were genuinely gutted to make the decision.

“There was a concern, and we spoke to Craig, that we lacked a bit of strength and leadership and could we go the extra mile? Have we properly adapted enough to the division and come to terms with where we are.

“We used to argue over the point – are we non league enough? But Craig was proud of our standing and really we need to come to terms with where we are.’’