ANTONY SWEENEY will remain in charge of Hartlepool United this weekend, with Dave Challinor set to take over on Monday.

Pools announced on Tuesday that they had agreed terms with Challinor to be appointed boss.

However, he still has some contractual issues to resolve with his former club Fylde and until they are cleared up he will only take a watching brief.

Sweeney conduced media duties this morning, and the club’s chief executive Mark Maguire explained the situation.

“We are delighted to agree terms with Dave to become manager – he has a couple of issues to resolve with Fylde which means we won’t start him officially until Monday,’’ said Maguire this morning.

“It’s important he resolves those before turning his full focus to ourselves. Tony and Ian (McGuckin) have done a fantastic job in recent weeks and given us the luxury as a club to take our time ands allow Dave to be around them, learn their thoughts and see them in operation.

“Tony will remain in charge this weekend with Dave around and about to offer observations and thoughts.’’

He added: “ The announcement is made and, by all intents and purposes that is the case and nothing will stop it happening.

“It’s been a busy week so we decided the best way to proceed is to carry on as we were, then Dave will have a proper press conference on Monday to start work in that respect and carry on from there.

“He is around and about and getting to know the club and players in the meantime.

“There’s no fears whatsoever. He is sorting out things with Fylde, but nothing preventing him takin a job here.

“We have a contract in place and agreed and there’s not going to be another drama around the club.’’