Some of Middlesbrough’s most loved players were in for a surprise when they reunited for a special memories event at the North Ormesby Workmens club recently.

The greats, including David Armstrong, John Craggs, Jim Platt, Frank Spraggon and Alan Foggon were presented with personalised silver salvers from a fanatical supporter.

Lifetime season ticket holder Tony Dixon, and business partner Barry Cook, attended the packed function to present the squad - best remembered for the glorious 70s period under Jack Charlton with their boxed silver salvers.

Boro-born Tony, who runs D & G Trophies in Lawson Road, Middlesbrough said: “It was something we wanted to do to reassure those magnificent players that what they achieved as a team back in the wonderful mid 70s period will never be forgotten.

“When I spotted that some of them were getting together in the North Ormesby workies I knew we had to get there to show our appreciation on hehalf of so many people that lived through those magical times.

“It was lovely to see the club so packed and to hear the huge reception the lads received when they took to the stage. It was an unforgettable event and their personal stories brought tons of memories flooding back for us all.

“They were on stage for around three hours and I could have sit there another three and more - it was simply brilliant.

He added: “I personalised the salvers for each player with engraved messages from generations of Boro supporters. I thanked them for the best Boro times ever and wanted to reassure them that even with the passing of time they were, and always will be, the best team of men.

“The bond we shared with them all at Ayresome Park was magnificent, and it’s often on instant recall for me as a fan. Leaders, winners, passion, desire, bravery – those lads gave their all for us.

“They were indeed a team, all battling to wear the red shirt, no superstars and no flash egos.

“What we would give to have most of them at their peak playing now at the Riverside in 2019!

“They were all very approachable in that period and I remember when they were training over at Hutton Road they always had loads of time for the fans – it’s a far cry from football today – but so many of us still cherish the period and were lucky to live through it.

“Those days behind the old Holgate End, being rammed in as young lads, and watching every glorious goal hit the net were just brilliant.’’

Full back John Craggs – a huge favourite during the Charlton era – admitted: “We were really knocked out when Tony and Barry arrived with our silver salvers – they told us they wanted us to never forget the joy we brought to so many people in the Teesside area with Jack in charge.

“They felt the salvers would be a way of keeping the good times in focus for us today. They were awesome supporters and we loved playing for them - our team spirit was unreal and the supporters thrived on that, and a likely reason why the club was rammed the other night in town .

“The visit to Boro was most memorable and when we arrived for the Stoke City game the following day people were stopping to tell us how much they enjoyed our show.

“We were all delighted with our awards and showed them around to the fans at the match. Mine will take pride of place at home – it’s been quite a while since my last trophy award and that makes it extra special!

“It’s lovely to be remembered in such a way, and all of the lads want to say a big thanks to Tony and Barry for never forgetting us on behalf of the Boro supporters – we will never forget them either.’’